Work Incentives Transition Network

    The Employment Support Institute (ESI) at VCU's School of Business

    The Employment Support Institute (ESI) at VCU's School of Business has the following mission: helping people make better decisions about employment options and policies affecting people with disabilities. ESI achieves this mission by building Decision Support software they call WorkWORLD.

    They have two paths for helping people decide about work incentives, benefits and earnings:

      Path 1:
      Help people make decisions which improve future policies by expanding WorkWORLD's future policy analysis capabilities;
      Path 2:
      Help people decide what to do given the the current system's rules and procedures. Evolve WorkWORLD into an "expert system" that is user friendly and helps non-technical people make knowledge based decisions.

    For More Information Contact:

    Mark Hill, Director, Employment Support Institute, School of Business
    Virginia Commonwealth University,
    Richmond VA 23284-4000
    Voice mail: 804.278.0152
    Office phone 804.828.1992
    Fax: 804.828.8884
    Web Site: Employment Support Institute

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